the experts.

  • John Mann  /  Managing Director

    Mr. Mann has conducted numerous executive search assignments for clients across the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. He has recruited financial, legal, corporate development, sales, marketing, technology, real estate and compliance professionals for public and private clients, including Fortune 500 corporations, start-up enterprises, professional services firms and not-for-profit organizations.

    Prior to launching Alex & Red, Mr. Mann was an Associate Director with The Alexander Group where he developed and managed a global executive search practice. Mr. Mann’s other experience includes serving as a Client Account Manager for Bowne, a NYSE financial, marketing and business communications services company, where he assisted Fortune 100 clients in the development of equity and debt offerings, regulatory filings and other shareholder and compliance materials.

    Mr. Mann earned an MBA with honors from The University of Houston and his undergraduate degree from The University of Texas at Austin. 

    • Hometown   Houston, Texas
    • How did you get into search?   After receiving my MBA, I joined The Alexander Group and have never looked back.
    • If you weren't in search, what would you do?   Continue in a position where I make a difference and have impact.
    • What impresses you?   Intelligent, engaging people with a sense of humor.
    • What's the most important thing for a client to know about you?   We conduct searches with the highest integrity and transparency.
    • What do you love about your work?   I love building relationships with our clients and solving their recruiting challenges.
  • Jamie Irvine  /  Senior Associate

    Jamie Irvine is a Senior Associate at Alex & Red. He has led executive searches for a diverse range of clients, including professional services, energy, global life sciences and international law firms throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. Across industries, Mr. Irvine focuses on senior-level positions in operations, business development, marketing and communications, administration, human resources, talent acquisition, information technology, diversity and inclusion, and finance for public and private clients.

    Before joining Alex & Red, Mr. Irvine worked in commercial real estate serving clients in the industrial sector, most recently for a boutique startup firm based in Houston.


    • What do you love about your work?   The people. I’m fortunate enough to hear different stories and perspectives each and every day.
    • If you weren't in search, what would you do?   I love food and I like to cook, so in my mind I should run a restaurant.
    • How did you get into search?   Like many, I fell into it and haven't looked back since.
    • What’s the highest compliment a client can give you?   The best compliment is when a client wants to partner with us again and again.
  • Sarah Silva  /  Sourcing Specialist

    Ms. Silva is an accomplished search manager with experience in researching, interviewing, credentialing and onboarding professional talent. Her background includes tenures with the human resources departments of both large and small professional services firms, including experience in the legal sector. Prior to joining Alex & Red, she served as Recruiting Coordinator for Norton Rose Fulbright.

    • Hometown   Houston, TX
    • How did you get into search?   I was recruited into it, and I have loved it ever since!
    • What do you love about your work?   Developing working relationships with candidates and providing career advice to them.
    • What impresses you?   Intellect, quick wit, and compassion for others.
    • Most Exotic Meal   My special gumbo
  • Kyle Robinson  /  Director of Research

    Kyle Robinson leads a team of researchers at Alex & Red to identify and evaluate high-potential candidates for our clients. He has extensive research experience in the executive search industry and has worked on assignments for senior finance, marketing, communications, human resources and business development roles.

    Prior to his transition into executive search, Mr. Robinson worked as a research and prospect manager in the not-for-profit sector, gaining expertise in designing and implementing prospect management systems for development departments in health care and higher education.

    • What’s the highest compliment a client can give you?   “We loved all of the candidates you identified.”
    • What do you love about your work?   When you finally find that perfect person, it can be quite a rush.
    • What is the most difficult part of executive search?   It takes some creative searching to make the most qualified candidates float to the top.
  • Susan Hunt  /  Director of Marketing & Communications

    As a champion of the Alex & Red brand, Ms. Hunt articulates the qualities that make the firm unique in the marketplace and helps consultants focus on those qualities so that the firm continues to deliver on its brand promises.

    Ms. Hunt is a writer and marketer with 20 years of experience. Prior to joining Alex & Red, she spent six years in Lagos, Nigeria, where she held various positions with an internationally led fundraising organization, culminating in her role as Chairperson. Before that, she served as Director of Marketing for the accident and health insurance product line at AIG American General.

    • Hometown   Houston, Texas
    • Longest Flight   From Singapore to Lagos, Nigeria
    • What impresses you?   Empathy. Tolerance. Understanding.
    • Most Exotic Meal   Peppered snails
    • What do you love about your work?   Practicing the art of communication... getting your message across succinctly and effectively.