Organizations seek dynamic, confident and qualified candidates who can have impact on their organizations.

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Alex & Red is retained exclusively by its clients to conduct targeted searches for specific positions. As such, we must focus our attention on current search projects and we may not be able to spend time with you individually unless your background aligns with immediate client needs. Please introduce yourself so that we can contact you at the appropriate time.

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    Your Resume

    Your resume should spell out accomplishments.

    Tailor your resume to the position for which you are being considered.

    Your resume should be well written without grammatical and spelling errors.

    Format your resume so that it is concise and easy to read and follow. Consider using the format and style in this Wall Street Journal article.

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    The Interview

    Prepare for the interview by conducting a self-assessment; why am I best suited for this position and what is my value proposition? Hone your ability to answer probable interview questions.

    Prior to the interview, read the company’s website, latest press releases, annual reports and industry publications.

    Listen to the hiring executive and tailor your response as specifically as possible. The worst mistake you can make in an interview is talking too much.

    The best interviews usually take the form of a conversation, not a monologue. Treat the interview as if you are a consultant rather than a candidate.

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    The Offer and Giving Notice

    When negotiating an offer, give positive feedback. Start by discussing what you do like and collaboratively discuss what you would like to change.

    Do not sweat the small stuff; come to the table with a spirit of "let's get this done quickly and collegially so that we both look back on this negotiation as an easy beginning to a long term relationship."

    Prior to giving your current employer notice, consult with your search firm for advice and counsel on what to expect and how to address a possible counter offer. Hold your ground, give plenty of notice and do your best to ensure an orderly transition.

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