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  • 04 09

    From the Coronavirus Front Lines, Essential Workers Share their Fears, Challenges and Changing Priorities

    Working from home is a privilege. Although it can be distracting and stressful, it is also a luxury; and, for many, it is simply not an option. Millions of Americans have no choice but to show up for work. The New York Times described these workers as “exposed, afraid, determined.” They have a job to do and, although aware and wary of the risks, are determined to do it.

    Alex & Red and its sister firm ...

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  • 03 27

    A Husband, Father and Executive Reflects on his Responsibilities to Women in his Family and the Workplace

    To close out Women’s History Month, The Alexander Group asked permission to republish an article by Atul Saran. Mr. Saran is the Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Emergent BioSolutions Inc. (NYSE: EBS). An earlier version of this article was first published for Emergent employees on March 9, 2018, the day after International Women’s Day.

    Every year we recognize the United Nations Day for Women's Rights and ...

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  • 02 13

    Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue… Will Office Romance Survive #MeToo?

    A look, a glance, a shy smile, a lingering touch. These are the overtures of romance—the sweet nothings of young love. But are these appropriate overtures at the office? In the era of #MeToo, is office romance a thing of the past?

    While caution, consent and common sense must prevail in the midst of heightened awareness of the abuses of power, office romance remains a reality. Men and women (and men and men, and ...

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  • 12 01

    Office Trends: Sitting is the New Smoking

    Stand Up, Stand Out, and Stay Fit


    A year after making the transition from an active work environment to one of constantly sitting while hunched over a computer screen, I’ve noticed a couple of things: Staying alert requires more afternoon coffee, and my clothes are now slightly tighter. But there is a solution to the myriad problems that come with sedentary office work, and you’ve already heard about it: the standing desk.

    Often ...
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  • 02 23

    Baby Steps After the Babies Are Gone: My Second Act

    Last fall, I reentered the workforce after being away for more than a decade to raise my children. It has been quite an eye-opening experience.

    I was fortunate to be able to voluntarily leave an executive position with a global financial institution—and a career spanning 18 years—in order to work full-time as a parent.


    Of course, at the time, that was a scary decision, but I haven’t regretted it for a second ...

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