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  • 10 09

    Success Stories: How Ann M. Palmer Led the Arthritis Foundation to Become the Champion of Yes

    To celebrate our sister firm The Alexander Group’s 35-year history in executive search, we are reaching out to a several of the outstanding candidates our firms have placed to learn of their challenges, successes and leadership style, as well as the lessons they have learned and the legacies they will leave.

    This month, we interviewed Ann M. Palmer, who joined The Arthritis Foundation as President and CEO in 2013. With more than 30 years ...

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  • 03 06

    Candidates Do the Darndest Thingsā€¦ 2019 Edition

    We’ve always said that though executive search provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet and work with fascinating, high-achieving, brilliant individuals, the “exceptions to the rule” stand out vividly…and that every time we think we’ve seen it all, we realize we haven’t come close…

    A few months ago we published an article on best practices and tips for video conferencing. Following a few recent VC experiences, we realized we had neglected to ...

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  • 09 12

    Help, I Made a Bad Hire! Advice from Executives on Making the Best of a Bad Situation

    What do you do when you have hired someone who, once on board, is not a good hire? No one intends to make bad hiring decisions but for a variety of reasons, they happen. Think Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde.

    We interviewed a number of leaders and, interestingly, most offered the same advice. Within three to six months—and sometimes much sooner, they agreed—you will know if you have made a bad hire. Their recommendation ...

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  • 07 14

    Turning Down an Offer Because of Vacation Policy? Yep, It Happens

    One of the fastest growing companies in Houston had courted an operations executive from a Fortune 10 company for months. This entrepreneurial company had stretched to meet the candidate’s compensation requirements which was not an easy thing to do given the richer retirement plan of this energy behemoth. Despite the executive having a much greater upside with the smaller company, he ultimately turned down the offer. Why? Because his new employer was not willing ...

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