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  • 01 09

    LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts: Advice from the Front Lines of Executive Search

    There is no denying that LinkedIn is the most powerful social media tool for online, professional networking. Job seekers and businesses alike use it to share content, find new contacts, market and communicate. Why, then, do some users treat it like Facebook 2.0?

    As a professional researcher, I view hundreds of LinkedIn profiles daily. Some are clear, concise and professional, as a good resume should be. Others? Less so. Here are few examples of ...

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  • 11 28

    Don't Let that Company Party Get Ugly

    Though it feels like the summer just ended, somehow we find ourselves looking December in the face. In addition to the weather outside becoming frightful (while the fire remains quite delightful), and family and friends getting together, this also marks the start of the holiday party season in the business community.

    Coinciding with what is, for many, fiscal year-end, intense budget and strategic planning preparations for the new year, and in most cases the busiest ...

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  • 02 16

    Employee Referral Programs: The Bigger Picture

    In an increasingly competitive job market, the success and popularity of employee referral programs—69% of organizations say they have a formal program in place—is a reminder that your own employees are your best recruiters. Employee referrals are not only those most likely to stick around—with 46% retention after one year–they are also the leading source for new hire quality, according to a 2011 study. Employee referrals directly affect the ...
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  • 10 01

    Inbox Zero and Email Anxiety: How to Stay In Control of Your Inbox

    According to a McKinsey report, workers spend 28% of their time writing and responding to emails. After hours, we spend nearly as much: an average of seven extra hours per week. 38% admit to checking work email from the dinner table; 68% from bed, first thing in the morning. And yet, as the booming time management industry reminds us, our inbox is never empty.

    The “productivity evangelist” Merlin Mann’s “Inbox Zero,” the most well-known ...

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