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  • 03 12

    Wet Cigars, Polyester Suits and Pointed-toe Shoes — Executives Share their (Best) Worst Interview Stories

    At The Alexander Group and Alex & Red, we have collectively conducted thousands (and thousands) of interviews in our three-plus decades in executive search. We’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly, and we have shared a few of our less impressive interview experiences here—partly as cautionary tale, partly for our readers’ amusement.

    This time around, we asked clients, candidates and friends of the firm to share their (best) worst interview stories. Here ...

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  • 10 09

    Success Stories: How Ann M. Palmer Led the Arthritis Foundation to Become the Champion of Yes

    To celebrate our sister firm The Alexander Group’s 35-year history in executive search, we are reaching out to a several of the outstanding candidates our firms have placed to learn of their challenges, successes and leadership style, as well as the lessons they have learned and the legacies they will leave.

    This month, we interviewed Ann M. Palmer, who joined The Arthritis Foundation as President and CEO in 2013. With more than 30 years ...

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  • 10 02

    Your Resume: Before You Press Send

    I'd like to talk about the unsolicited email. Specifically, the one with a resume attached, and not referencing any specific search we are managing. We receive lots of those at The Alexander Group, as you might well imagine. As a retained, boutique search firm working with a small select group of clients on specialized leadership positions, there is unfortunately only a microscopically slim chance that we can make a match with any of our ...

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  • 07 31

    A Former Journalist Offers Interview Tips

    Interviewing is a skill, and not an easy one to master. There’s something new to learn every time you sit down across a desk, share a cup of coffee or connect across an ocean via FaceTime or Skype for an interview.

    In my 13 years in TV news, I have had the opportunity to interview thousands of people from all walks of life—politicians, celebrities, criminals, grieving families, heroic first responders—and no two ...

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