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  • 04 17

    Seven Factors for a Successful Search Committee... and a Stellar Hire

    Our firm has conducted a number of searches where our client was a search committee. Most times these search committee members are geographically dispersed and, in the case of not-for-profit clients, are volunteers rather than full time employees.

    Some executive recruiters love to tell stories of search committees that don’t function well or, worse yet, end up with disastrous results. We have not had that experience—in fact, quite the opposite.

    Each search committee ...

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  • 04 10

    Can the Right Mix of Diplomas, Career Path and Life Experience Create the “Perfect” Corporate Leader?

    As executive search consultants, we are tasked with finding chief executives with pedigrees that are indicative of success. This sounds simple enough, save for the fact that the backgrounds and career paths of proven CEOs are as varied as our clients’ definitions of said success.

    Consider these examples: Indra Nooyi is an Indian-born American with a background in consulting. Jack Welch, the only child of a railroad conductor and homemaker, began his career as a ...

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  • 02 20

    Hiring an Executive Recruiter: Separating the Extraordinary from the Ordinary

    Executive search is not an easy gig – as we say, it is a business with an unstable product – but the best recruiters make it look easy. When hiring a search firm, the most frequent question we get is “How many CFO (or fill in the blank) searches have you done?” There are far better ways to assess an executive search partner, and ensure you are working with the best.

    The truth is that most of ...

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  • 10 12

    Blueprint for Success: How to Craft a Position Spec that Draws Top Talent

    A search firm and client can spend 15 minutes or 15 hours drafting a position specification, but it can emerge a useless document either way. A well-crafted specification, spec for short, is the foundation upon which a successful search is built. Without the right approach and investment of effort – clearly assessing, defining, and communicating the opportunity – the entire search risks collapse down the road.

    "I once had a search firm take a job description our ...

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