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  • 03 20

    Business Travel Faux Pas: Belgian Waffles for Breakfast?

    I typically travel solo, but observing a lawyer with a client at the airport last week made me realize there should be an etiquette guide for business travel with your manager or a client. Though I've written Road Warrior blogs, I'm certainly no Ms. Manners of the road, but the following seem obvious.

    The primary rule is to adapt your behavior to that of your manager or client. Do not be high-maintenance. This ...

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  • 03 06

    Candidates Do the Darndest Things… 2019 Edition

    We’ve always said that though executive search provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet and work with fascinating, high-achieving, brilliant individuals, the “exceptions to the rule” stand out vividly…and that every time we think we’ve seen it all, we realize we haven’t come close…

    A few months ago we published an article on best practices and tips for video conferencing. Following a few recent VC experiences, we realized we had neglected to ...

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  • 01 09

    LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts: Advice from the Front Lines of Executive Search

    There is no denying that LinkedIn is the most powerful social media tool for online, professional networking. Job seekers and businesses alike use it to share content, find new contacts, market and communicate. Why, then, do some users treat it like Facebook 2.0?

    As a professional researcher, I view hundreds of LinkedIn profiles daily. Some are clear, concise and professional, as a good resume should be. Others? Less so. Here are few examples of ...

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  • 12 07

    The Business Holiday Party: Dread or Delight

    Though it feels like it was just Labor Day, somehow we find ourselves in the throes of December. This week marks the start of the holiday party season in the business community.

    All too often with business holiday parties, people make the mistake of emphasizing the latter descriptor and forgetting the former. That’s why we’re here to share some of the crazy holiday behavior we’ve observed over the years, for a laugh ...

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