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  • 07 21

    Frozen in Fear or Charge the Hill? The State of Nonprofit Fundraising in the Midst of a Pandemic

    Alex & Red Managing Director John M. Mann interviews Turnkey CEO Katrina VanHuss on the state of nonprofit fundraising in a pandemic. Since COVID-19, Turnkey has helped  nonprofits pivot their fundraising strategies on the basis of human psychology and data analysis.


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  • 12 13

    Alex & Red is Going to the Dogs this Holiday Season

    Meet Tom and Dynamo

    When Tom lost his eyesight at age 55, he began to feel that life wasn’t worth living. Dynamo, a service dog trained by Guide Dogs for the Blind, changed all of that.

    Dynamo taught me to accept this blindness. He opened the world for me.

    In honor of our partnership, and to support special relationships like Tom’s and Dynamo’s, Alex & Red is making a donation to Guide Dogs ...

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  • 06 26

    Changes in the Workplace in the Last 20 Years

    Bob Dylan said it, err sang it, best: Your old road is rapidly agin'. Please get out of the new one if you can't lend your hand, for the times they are a-changin'.

    In 1999, Bill Clinton was President, Amazon was a recently IPO’d technology startup, the original Blackberry was released, shares of Apple stock traded at $1.18 and Mark Zuckerberg was 14 years old. Smoking (cigarettes that is) was commonplace in ...

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  • 09 07

    First the Food – Now Flooded with Offers to Help

    The rain started on Saturday, August 26th and continued throughout the day. By late Saturday evening, the unrelenting torrential rains and its puddles quickly morphed into flooded streets in just a matter of minutes. By 5:00 am Sunday morning the houses on my block in Bellaire, an inner-loop Houston neighborhood, began to flood and I found myself helping several neighbors evacuate to our house.

    We built our dream house this spring, a two-story New ...

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