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By Jean Lenzner

  • 09 09

    Out of Office: Challenges and Opportunities of Onboarding in a Pandemic

    COVID-19 has impacted each company and its executives differently. Six months ago, the idea of recruiting an executive who would make a job change without spending considerable time being vetted by way of in-person interviews would have been unheard of. But it is a new day and companies are rapidly adapting to recruiting and onboarding executives in alternative ways, and there is something to be learned from every executive making a job change during the ...

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  • 09 25

    Four Myths of Moving from the Corporate World to the Not-for-profit Sector

    After a successful 11-year run at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, former CEO Rob Perez asked himself, what next?

    “While I loved (almost) every aspect of leading Cubist, my favorite part was helping to develop the unique culture that was a hallmark of the organization. And a big part of that culture was our extraordinary commitment to the community,” he said.

    “There were many enticing and, frankly, flattering offers, but I found that nothing provided a greater return ...

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  • 03 13

    Does Interview Order Matter? This Expert's Answer May Surprise You

    Does the order in which you interview for a position really make a difference? In scheduling candidate interviews, it is not uncommon for candidates to request a specific spot in the so-called “batting order”. Some people like to go first, believing that they will set the bar and that any other candidates will be benchmarked against them. Others request to go last in hopes that they will stand out most in the client’s memory ...

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  • 10 03

    Seven Mistakes to Avoid During Your Next Phone Interview

    With 35-plus years in executive search, I’ve had the opportunity to conduct hundreds of phone interviews with talented candidates. In many ways, presence and the right cultural fit are just as important—if not more important—than a strong resume with the right skillset. The phone interview is my first opportunity to gauge a candidate’s presence, authority and personality.

    Some candidates are prepared and set the right tone for the interview. Others may ...

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