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By Beth Ehrgott, page 1

  • 11 14

    Top Ten Things to Do When Starting a New Position

    While it is exciting to step into a new role with a new organization, it can also be challenging and stressful as you navigate uncharted territory. The days of long honeymoon periods are gone, so read on for some suggestions to help you springboard into your new job.

    1. Get a running start

    Before showing up for the first day of work, be ready to hit the ground running. Do as much "pre-work" as you ...

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  • 09 12

    Help, I Made a Bad Hire! Advice from Executives on Making the Best of a Bad Situation

    What do you do when you have hired someone who, once on board, is not a good hire? No one intends to make bad hiring decisions but for a variety of reasons, they happen. Think Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde.

    We interviewed a number of leaders and, interestingly, most offered the same advice. Within three to six months—and sometimes much sooner, they agreed—you will know if you have made a bad hire. Their recommendation ...

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  • 04 19

    Common Causes of Executive Team Dysfunction

    Recently I spoke with one of the world’s most successful pharmaceutical executives on leadership and building a cohesive and highly functioning management team. Here’s what he had to say: 

    "What organizations very often ignore is that dysfunctional executive teams negatively impact operational results faster and longer than any shareholder should tolerate. Misalignment creates silos between functions and divisions, duplication of data gathering due to mistrust, slow decision-making and much more. While almost all ...

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  • 08 16

    Hiking, Traveling and Inner Peace: Our Clients Talk Bucket Lists

    It seems that everyone has a bucket list these days, but what’s a “bucket list?” Like many words and phrases that enrich our language, its history is the subject of conjecture. June Thomas, writing in Slate, traces it to the phrase, “to kick the bucket,” a euphemism for “dying” in use at least since 1785, and gives this quote from Patrick M. Carlisle’s 2004 bookUnfair & Unbalanced: The Lunatic Magniloquence of Henry E ...

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