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  • 09 18

    Looking Outside the Box for your Inner Circle

    "W e want someone who can think outside the box."

    As a well-worn business cliché, this phrase elicits groans from hiring executives and recruiters alike. But considering the competitiveness of the executive talent market, the lowest unemployment rate since 1969, and increasing awareness of the need for diverse perspectives in the workplace, looking outside your industry or sector for leading candidates is on the rise. A non-traditional hire with different perspectives can inject sorely needed ...

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  • 07 08

    Turning the Tables: The Executive Interviewer Becomes the Interviewee

    Alex & Red has seen its share of executive candidates, and (as revealed in our “Candidates Do the Darndest Things” article series) they don’t always make the best impression: Dressing too fashion-forward, bringing a significant other, or ordering a three-course meal for a coffee meeting are just a few examples… and that’s just scraping the surface. Even extremely qualified, accomplished executives have been known to display bad judgment.

    But the same can also be ...

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  • 06 19

    A Current Look at the Noncompete Agreement, One of the World’s Oldest Business Practices

    Noncompete agreements have been around for as long as any of us can remember. Exactly how long may surprise you… The oldest recorded legal action involving a noncompete agreement dates back to the 15th century—almost 80 years before Columbus discovered America.

    Past Precedents

    In this 1414 case, an apprentice, John Dyer, had promised to not exercise his trade in the same town as his former master for six months. The court invalidated the ...

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  • 04 03

    Law Firm Strategist Pulls Back Curtain on Trends, Drivers Impacting the Industry Today

    Kent Zimmermann is one of the leading strategy advisors to law firms in the United States. Last year, he advised on each of the three largest law firm mergers to close worldwide. He is currently advising multiple firms on active merger discussions, and he is also advising three Am Law 25 firms on firmwide strategy.

    Given that the industry is in flux, we wanted to pull back the curtain to get some perspective from Kent ...

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