the red report.

By Abby Buchold

  • 07 17

    Fake News? A Professional Researcher’s Guide to Separating Online Fact from Fiction

    Don’t use the internet for research.

    I heard those words throughout my college years, at a time when the World Wide Web was far from ubiquitous. “The information out there can’t be trusted,” my professors warned me. Although that mindset had somewhat shifted by the time I entered graduate school, we were still cautioned to carefully evaluate our sources.

    Today, the pejorative “fake news” dominates Twitter feeds and headlines as we are compelled ...

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  • 01 09

    LinkedIn Dos and Don’ts: Advice from the Front Lines of Executive Search

    There is no denying that LinkedIn is the most powerful social media tool for online, professional networking. Job seekers and businesses alike use it to share content, find new contacts, market and communicate. Why, then, do some users treat it like Facebook 2.0?

    As a professional researcher, I view hundreds of LinkedIn profiles daily. Some are clear, concise and professional, as a good resume should be. Others? Less so. Here are few examples of ...

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