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  • 12 05

    Four books to inspire your New Year

    December is a time for celebrating with family and friends and—when you’ve had enough holiday cheer—a time to retreat to a cozy, fireside chair and catch up on reading. Here are three books to help you reset, recharge and revive your leadership style for 2019... and one thrilling book with a cautionary tale. 

    "Leaders Eat Last: Why Some Teams Pull Together and Others Don’t" by Simon Sinek

    As a classicist, one ...

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  • 11 28

    Don't Let that Company Party Get Ugly

    Though it feels like the summer just ended, somehow we find ourselves looking December in the face. In addition to the weather outside becoming frightful (while the fire remains quite delightful), and family and friends getting together, this also marks the start of the holiday party season in the business community.

    Coinciding with what is, for many, fiscal year-end, intense budget and strategic planning preparations for the new year, and in most cases the busiest ...

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  • 11 16

    Nothing says tradition like Palm Springs, turkey hats, exploding thermometers… and The Alexander Group’s annual Thanksgiving blog

    In 2012, Alex & Red and The Alexander Group started a Thanksgiving tradition: a collection of memories, traditions and the occasional disaster story contributed by colleagues. This year, we proudly carry on the tradition with stories of Friendsgivings, exploding thermometers and turkey hats.

    I’ll kick it off… 


    Chef’s year off

    While Thanksgiving is all about family, this year in an effort to change it up, our kids got the last laugh by saying: no ...

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  • 11 14

    Top Ten Things to Do When Starting a New Position

    While it is exciting to step into a new role with a new organization, it can also be challenging and stressful as you navigate uncharted territory. The days of long honeymoon periods are gone, so read on for some suggestions to help you springboard into your new job.

    1. Get a running start

    Before showing up for the first day of work, be ready to hit the ground running. Do as much "pre-work" as you ...

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